Our Team

Our goal is to help you to See Change!

Our trainers are here to help you. Personal Training is the perfect way to fast track results and learn how to get the most out of your body, all with the guidance and support you need along the way. We will listen to your goals then assign the trainer best suited to you and your area of interest.

Meet our trainers

Maree Porra

The thing I love most about being a Personal trainer is helping people see change in their lives. These changes vary from gaining fitness, losing weight, injury rehabilitation, lowering blood pressure, or simply giving someone some “guilt free me time”. The change I get most pleasure from seeing is to see people actually enjoying exercise.

Mattheus Brett-Rogers

I enjoy helping people realise their physical potential. Personal training, to me, is much more than just providing an hour or two of exercise assistance a week. As a PT I take my role very seriously as a trustee to my client’s faith in getting results, and thus I take on every client’s goal as my own. There is nothing more rewarding to me than achieving those mutual goals.

Declan Smith

From the years of experience being a personal trainer, I have enjoyed so many aspects of it. But I feel the best when I can see that a client’s mindset has evolved for the better. They are no longer scared to lift weights or dread coming to the gym. They embrace it, look forward to it and most of all, get extremely excited and proud when they hit a personal record in a lift.

Jess Scott

Jess is a firm believer that healthy living is not just about working out but about living a nutritionally, physically, mentally and spiritually balanced life.  She enjoys helping others achieve optimal performance, whether for work or play, along with a greater sense of well-being, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Andrea DiCarlo

Highly experienced in training clients throughout all stages of pregnancy, Andrea also specialises in the safe return to exercise post pregnancy.  As a mother of two, she has maintained her own strength and fitness throughout pregnancy and understands the female body and the importance of exercise for health, fitness and well being during the whole life cycle.

Andrew Robinson

Andrew is an exercise physiologist and level 2 cycling coach. He is particularly passionate about cycling and has raced for over 20 years and still gets round with A grade in local club criteriums. For many years Andrew has also worked in sport and talent identification in Australia and overseas. His education background includes study in exercise physiology, science, biomechanics, nutrition, rehabilitation, and psychology.