Declan Smith

Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Declan and I am quite an introverted individual. I get quite nervous and embarrassed in confronting social situations. But ever since I have been attending the gym, going to university and completing my PT course. I have put myself out of my comfort zone to improve my confidence and overcome those traits and fears. When I first started working as a PT, I was confident in my knowledge of what I was teaching, but very easily I would go red in the face if a client in a group session would bring up anything remotely confronting or embarrassing. The lovely clients thought it was ‘cute’ and thought nothing of it. But in my head, it was my biggest downfall and that I would never get over this issue. But after weeks, months and years of getting put in these types of situations, I have finally accepted this issue and very rarely go red in the face and feel so embarrassed that I want to crawl in a hole and never come out. Following a regimented training and nutrition plan over the past years has taught me so much and has developed me in so many ways. I have gained a lot of confidence, discipline and organisational skills working as a personal trainer. It has ignited a passion that I hope will carry me happy and successfully into the future.


What do you enjoy most about being a trainer? 

From the years of experience being a personal trainer, I have enjoyed so many aspects of it. But I feel the best when I can see that a client’s mindset has evolved for the better. They are no longer scared to lift weights or dread coming to the gym. They embrace it, look forward to it and most of all, get extremely excited and proud when they hit a personal record in a lift. Everyone is different, so I have to adjust to each individual in a slightly different manner to help them reach their goals. But that’s the fun of it, learning something new each day and problem solving to work around obstacles to help individuals reach their goals.


I have been going to the gym ever since I was 16 years old. This is where I gained a lot of experience and basic, fundamental knowledge about training and nutrition. I was eager to make progress, so I did my own research online and put it into practice in the gym. Although I didn’t have the best of knowledge, it made more enthusiastic to learn more and improve in every way possible. This lead me to complete my Certificate III & IV in Fitness, whilst also completing a Bachelor of Health Science, Majoring in Physiology & Anatomy. I have also been a tennis coach since 2010, where I learnt to communicate, motivate and teach individuals new skills to improve their overall tennis game. With these skills developed, it has helped me a great deal to carry over similar principles of coaching to help my work as a Personal Trainer.


Bachelor of Health Science, Majoring in Physiology & Anatomy

Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness

Punchfit Certified
Kettlebell level 1 & 2
Certificate I in Vocational Preparation
Certificate IV in Business Sales

Certificate IV in Small Business Management
Master Trainer Level 1
Senior First AidIMG_0424

Words of Wisdom

Quality over quantity. Work smarter, not harder.


Declan is great – really good fun for Kaye and I and he’s got us right in the ‘sweet spot’ in mixing sessions up and making sure we’re 99% knackered by 6.59am each Tues. Jeremy


When I went to See Change, I was nervous and not particularly looking forward to it. My friend and I wanted to do personal training sessions together and I was worried that the training would be more tailored to her, as she was fit and I was flabby.
I shouldn’t have worried. Declan is an excellent trainer. He is able to accommodate my current injuries and weaknesses, and challenge me. He knows when to step in with an encouraging word or a few extra reps. He’s kept us keen by changing up the exercises we do and had us both working out together, despite our different fitness levels. Thursday is now my favourite day of the week because I look forward to training! I’m really glad we went to See Change, and stoked that I’m making steady improvements because of Declan. Thanks! Flynt Reynolds

Declan has been a great Personal Trainer he is  reliable & always there before me  with a work out planned for the session. He keeps me motivated and somehow manages to get more out of me than I thought I had to give. He encourages me to succeed & sets new goals for me. Thanks to Declan I am getting fit and strong and gaining confidence at the gym which was my major goal coming into this as I was extremely intimidated by the gym and using any equipment. I would recommend Declan to anyone who wants to reach their fitness goals. Sam, Fairfield