Mattheus Brett-Rogers

Tell us a little about yourself: 

Call me Matty! Unless i’m in trouble, in that case it’s pronounced matt-ay-us.

I’m passionate about health and exercise, in all of its forms. Since childhood I have always depended on exercise as an outlet to harness my excessive amounts of energy. You could say I’m a movement addict.

I aspire to work in the field of exercise physiology after completing my post graduate masters. I am particularly interested in the area of health based behaviour and manifesting good health practices.

I have trained and or competed in: state league soccer, gymnastics, middle distance running, boxing, track cycling, tennis, netball, squash and many more. I recently turned my focus towards building muscular power and strength and train most days. I also regularly train in the art of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and am hoping to take on my first amateur fight.

What do you enjoy about Personal Training?

I enjoy helping people realise their physical potential. Personal training, to me, is much more than just providing an hour or two of exercise assistance a week. As a PT I take my role seriously, as a trustee to my client’s faith in getting results. I take on every client’s goal as my own.

The thing I enjoy most, is seeing the attitude and behaviour of clients shift when they start achieving their goals. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than feeling the positivity radiating off a satisfied client.

How would you describe your style of training?

I’m a strong believer in educating clients in the practice of healthy lifestyle habits. Often, you will catch me ranting about exciting current scientific literature (this is an apology in advance to those considering training with me).

I like to tailor programs not just to physiology, but also the psychology of individuals. I acknowledge that some people value variety and novelty over a steady systematic program. I also acknowledge that some people value a mix of the two.

My passions lie in functional training, postural correction, nutrition, power and advanced body weight movements.



  • Fitness and skills trainer at Yarra Jets Football Club
  • Personal Training at Vision Personal Training Hawthorn
  • Bootcamp Instructor See Change PT
  • Personal Trainer See Change PT


  • Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science – ACU Melbourne
  • Cert 4 Personal Trainer – Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Cert 3 Fitness Instructor – Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Level 3 boxfit qualification – Punchfit
  • Level 1 & 2 Kettlebell accreditation – Kettlebells Australia
  • ‘Vision’ mentorship program (nutrition, programming, goal setting) – Vision PT Hawthorn

Words of Wisdom

A healthy body is a healthy mind, a healthy mind is a healthy body.


Firstly I would like to say thank you to Matt for helping me achieve my fitness goal of being able to pass (and now easily exceed) the benchmark requirements for the Australian Federal Police. What I liked from day one was Matts positive attitude and enthusiasm in just hearing about my goals. As time went on this did not waver as he diligently worked on our plan and consistently followed up with what was happening with me inside and outside our sessions. He went above and beyond in providing me with the resources to succeed whether this be:  food plans, work out plans or just advice – his vast knowledge base and energy in sessions is indicative of his great passion for his industry. Even when I lagged he never lost his positivity and was a great cheerleader, celebrating ever little achievement with me along the way which kept me on track. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working alongside Matt, I feel empowered not only with the change I have seen in my body but also mentally as he challenged me to do things I never would have thought possible – giving me a healthy nudge out of my comfort zone to see me achieve much beyond my expectations!  – Casini of Northcote

Mattheus provided me with some great knowledge that was very beneficial to me. Not only did he take the time out to discuss the intricacies of my workout plan, but he specifically paid attention to my caloric needs as well as my specific protein intake. He carefully constructed a meal and training program that was second to none! Ever since I’ve consistently been able to see great results, and have made steady but evident progress. Have benefited greatly from his advice, and would recommend to all! – Enrico Rossi of Northcote

Matt stands alone when it comes to providing strategic fitness advice and training procedures detailed around the needs of the individual client. Previous to beginning with Matt I was disillusioned by the seemingly one size fits all fitness regime handed to me by previous trainers, which achieved very little in terms of fitness outcomes. Opposite to that is the individual approach that Matt brings to personalize a tailored fitness program to help build on my weaknesses and grow on my strengths. The results of this approach for me have been far greater than anything achieved prior to commencing with Matt and speaks volumes about his performance as a fitness coach. I trust that this information is of any help to someone seeking a professional fitness coach. – James Mathias of Port Melbourne