Birth Stories and Chakra Healing

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 7.47.16 pmThis workshop provides a safe & sacred womens circle to put a narrative to your birth story, and holds a space for you to share and receive.

During the process of birth the crown chakra of the baby passes through the lower chakras (root or naval depending on delivery) of the mother, resulting in enormous energetic shifts. The birth of a mother activates a massive opening in the energetic centre of the heart.

The workshop offers a chakra healing sound meditation to restore balance to these energy centres. The chakra rebalance is done with the use of quartz crystal singing bowls.

Birth is a sacred, intense, and pivotal experience that marks tremendous shift in the lifespan and lifestyle. It is the birth of a mother and a father, the end of much and the beginning of more.

It is an often unspoken about event, despite it marking the beginning of new life, a change of all you know, and for many of us, fear, pain, and overwhelm at the sheer level of transformation that occured.

Contact Bec for more information.

When: Sat, Dec 2nd
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Cost: $40

Bring: Pen and paper.

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