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Have You Met Jess?

This months interview is with Jessica Trowbridge, one of our lovely See Change Trainers.

Jess pt-0724

I have known Jess since I was 12 years old, so I know pretty much everything about her. Basically she’s awesome, and I’m excited for you to get to know her better too!

Jess talks about some tough issues surrounding self acceptance and health, and I think she’s incredibly brave to put herself out there.

Thank you Jess for being so open and honest.

1. Why is health and fitness important to you? 
I’ve been active for a lot of my life. Dance, cycling, running, swimming etc etc. Apart from the obvious physical health benefits, I get a great deal of mental and emotional health benefits from being active. As cliché as it sounds, being active and focusing on my fitness and health goals has really helped me learn more about myself and grow as a person.
Training is my “me time”.

2. What made you decide to become a personal trainer? 
I have been very passionate about dance my whole life, but disliked the seemingly common attitudes surrounding the industry and the ideals and pressures put on young people. I completed a dance teaching course and through that became even more dissatisfied with the whole industry. I took a beat and went back to a “normal” job. I’d been going to the gym for around five years, personal training, boxing, bootcamp, group classes – all the fun stuff – when I decided being a personal trainer was more my style. I felt my passion return for wanting to create something POSITIVE in peoples lives and that hasn’t gone away. I love what I do!

3. What is something not many people know about you? 
I grew up with terrible self esteem. I was always within healthy weight ranges but I never felt good enough, I was angry, I was bitter and cynical and I honestly hated myself. I have struggled with anorexic tendencies, anxiety, depression, and bulimia since my early teens.

My whole self worth was tied up in how I compared myself to others and how I looked and that damn number on the scales. I felt guilty about what I ate, I had panic attacks about what people thought of me and what I said, I would have insomnia and anxiety over how my “life was ruined” or “wasted” because I was a complete failure as a woman because I couldn’t attain this ridiculous ideal of perfection I had put upon myself. It was a vicious cycle I couldn’t get out of.

The scariest thing was, because I had such low respect for myself and my body I also believed that these thoughts and behaviours were normal.

In 2012 some circumstances in my work life changed and suddenly I wasn’t busy anymore. I had time to think and be still and things emotionally and mentally took over. I got to the point where it would take me at least 20 minutes to leave the house because I had to check everything compulsively, my body was in such a state of anxiety and panic I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating and I was crying all the time.

I took myself off the the doctor and a psychologist and I was diagnosed with OCD, anxiety and situational depression.

I took some time off work and found out what “not being able to get up” meant. Suddenly everything was difficult and tiring. Getting out of the house, making it through the day, shopping, feeding the cats, going back to work. Funnily enough the only thing that kept me wanting to get up and leaving the house was my personal training sessions. In that 40-60 minutes my anxiety disappeared, I felt light, I could breathe, I felt somewhat happy and my trainer helped me feel like myself for a bit.

The more I learnt about OCD the more I understood where a lot of my previous issues had come from and how to avoid falling back into old routines, vicious cycles and unhealthy mindsets.

All I cared about during this recovery time was getting back to feeling “normal” instead of being constantly stressed and anxious. So I ate. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!

If you had have told 21 year old me that I was going to put on so much weight I think you just might have caused a breakdown back then. But now it doesn’t affect me like that. Hitting rock bottom and putting on the weight has actually helped me let go of a lot of those thoughts and attitudes.

I was at my heaviest 8 months ago and also at my happiest. A concept that is foreign but welcome and has continued as I have been losing weight very slowly. I don’t want to fall into old emotional and mental unhealthy ways again and while I still struggle some days, I no longer feel the need to meet a ridiculous ideal.

I’m no longer ashamed of myself, or hate myself. I believe in myself and I understand who I am now and what sort of person I want to be in the world.

I like who I am now :)

4. What do you love about training at See Change? 

The atmosphere and the people. It’s such an awesome place to work and I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people!

5. What is your training philosophy?
LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Get to know yourself.
Train for the love of it and train for yourself!

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Community Spotlight – Clara Davies

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Clara Davies, who has been a part of the See Change community practically since day one (that’s 6 years!).

I remember when I started working as a trainer at See Change I felt a little intimidated by her. She took on every challenge thrown at her, and always with a smile.
She made being fit and healthy look look very easy.
The thing is though, in the last four years of getting to know Clara I have learnt that just like you and me, she has dealt with her fair share of struggles.
It’s been amazing getting to know her as the welcoming, generous and positive person that she is.
In this interview Clara talks about why fitness is so important to her, finding motivation to exercise with a high stress job and dealing with injuries.

Continue Reading →

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The Annual See Change Christmas Party – Movie Night

xmas 2

Sunday 14th Dec – Starting at 6.30PM

Come and join the See Change community for a night of Christmas celebrations!

Book HERE! Invite open to family and friends too. 

After the wonderful success of last year’s fundraising outdoor movie night we’re doing it again – just even better this year!

We are getting into the spirit of Christmas to help out one of our clients. Dino’s daughter Lexi has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and needs intense physio and medical help. We invite our clients to have a fun night out and also help out a local family.

Read about Lexi HERE.

Donate to Loving Lexi Gem by clicking the donate button below. You can also support Lexi by liking her Facebook Page.

Arrive from 6.30PM: This year we are going to do BYO BBQ picnic (we will be providing some BBQ’s for cooking, vegetarian BBQ’s will be available)

Movie to start at dusk: The Lion King – $10 adults, $5 kids 
Come for dinner or movie or both! Make a night of it!

Extra activities: DRESS UP as your favourite Lion King character. Prizes for best dressed.

Face painting, family games, Silent Auctions (donations welcome).

What to bring: BYO Picnic, a picnic rug, cushions or bean bag. Drinks.
Some spare change for popcorn and movie snacks.

As we had last year, alcoholic beverages will be available with the purchase of a raffle ticket (where everyone’s a winner!).

All money raised from the event will go directly to the Loving Lexi-Gem fund.

Bookings at
You can also book through your trainer or email for further details.

One of our client’s has generously allowed us to use her amazing block of land that leads down to the river – perfect for an outdoor cinema – a beautiful place for a wonderful cause.

We hope you can join us! This invitation is open to your family and friends too.

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The Stampede is on! Join us in November!

Have you ever wanted to go to a theme park just for adults? That’s what The Stampede is.

The only difference is instead of merri-go-rounds you slide across car bonnets, instead of roller coasters you fly down slip and slides and instead of fairy floss you eat mud.

How good does that sound!?

Haha ok so it doesn’t sound super glamorous but I can guarantee that you will have a LOT of fun!

Just in case you were wondering there are no Burpee punishments for not completing an obstacle – it is actually meant to be fun!

5km or 10km

The Stampede allows for two distances, a 5km course and a 10km (which is the 5km course plus an extra 5km).

Due to the nature of obstacle course races in which you run for a bit, then do an obstacle, then run a bit more, you only need to be able to run a kilometer or two without stopping to be able to comfortably complete the race. It is not like a 5km fun run in which you run non-stop for the full event.

When and Where

Saturday 29th November (plenty of time to practice obstacle smashing skills!)

The Stampede is in it’s usual location at Wandin Park – see details here.

Car pooling is usually the best way to get there since parking can get crazy!

Sign Up

Come join our growing team!

Join our team or find out more about The Stampede.  Registration are filling up fast so get on it!

Loving Lexi-Gem

Each year when we take part in one of these ridiculously fun events we like to make it worth it by raising funds for a great course. The charity we have chosen is very dear to us as it involves one of our own.

Meet gorgeous Lexi-Gem and read her story HERE.

Dino Trentin is a long time bootcamper at See Change and has an ongoing charity for his daughter, Lexi Gem. Lexi was born with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.

Lexi’s condition effects her entire body which means that unlike other kids, it takes her a lot longer to build muscle and strength. These are important years that will effect her independence as she gets older.

There are some great therapies to help give Lexi Gem a better chance but they are very expensive. If you could support us by supporting Lexi Gem, Dino and Clare that would mean a lot to us.

You can make a tax deductible donation for us now at their website Loving Lexi Gem. You can also help out by liking their Facebook Page.

Pictures from last year as the Where’s Wally Pirates!

1390749_487469961351659_1377341211_n 944301_487470411351614_1840174627_n

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Spartan Race Team – Please Donate

In just under a week, a rather motley crew of 7 guys and 1 girl are going to represent See Change PT at the October 6 Spartan Race.

The Team

  • David Wright
  • David Armstrong
  • David Izzard
  • Kristian Lunardi
  • Cam Caesar
  • Zoe Larkin
  • Dan Robbins
  • Kyle Wood

What is it?

Over a 14km course we will be climbing ropes, hauling sandbags over 100’s of metres, stumbling through mud,  and we can only cross the finish line by being attacked by gladiators.

If we fail an obstacle (there will be 20 in all), our punishment is 30 burpees before we are allowed to continue. I daresay we will each have to do a couple of sets before the race is over.

For all of this, we ask that you find it in your hearts to throw a little money to charity for us.

Loving Lexi Gem

The charity we have chosen is very dear to us as it involves one of our own.

Dino Trentin is a long time bootcamper at See Change and has just recently started a charitable cause for his daughter, Lexi Gem. Lexi Gem was born with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.

At just 15 months old this effects her entire body which means that unlike other kids, it takes her a lot longer to build muscle and strength. These are important years that will effect her independence as she gets older.

There are some great therapies to help give Lexi Gem a better chance but they are very expensive. If you could support us by supporting Lexi Gem, Dino and Clare that would mean a lot to us.

You can make a tax deductible donation for us now at their website Loving Lexi Gem. You can also help out by liking their Facebook Page.

OR you can commit to a per burpee donation using the box below.

We will add up the total number of penalty burpees that our team completes over the race and you can donate an amount for each one we do. Kind of like a Run-a-thon.

As an estimate expect 300 to 400 burpees. I will follow up with an email post race.

Pledge or Donate

Donate Now


[wd_contact_form id=”11″]

Check out our training.

Rope practice


Rope Pulls

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Website update

We’re upgrading our website at the moment so if you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with the studio.

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