Eureka Climb


Need a boost to your motivation levels?  See Change trainers and clients will be tackling the 88 floors of the Eureka tower.  This is something that Maree has wanted to do for a long time, so she will be training herself and anyone who wants to do it with her.

After 14 See Changers completed the Stadium Stomp at the MCG , the buzz was high and they were all looking for the next challenge.
Stairs are our friends

See Change Training for these big events starts 2 months in advance with a program developed that will get all participants successfully to the top of the tower.  Another bucket list achievement to put on your wall.

Register yourself to climb as an individual in the TIMED event.  So far we have been booking into the 8:15am wave.  There is an early bird discount if you get in early enough so this event is $55 plus a $35 fundraising contribution.
Take the stairs to Success
Once you have signed up, email  who will send you the training schedule by the start of September.  We will be wearing an awesome costume as well – yet to be decided.

It is the most amazing feeling when you complete a challenge many people are too afraid to try.  Be one of the BRAVE!  Come with us.  Take the stairs to Success.