Bootcamp at Fairfield Park

Bootcamp – Rope slams at Fairfield Park

See Change is changing the face of Bootcamp.  Our bootcamp classes are now available on our regular group timetable.  Simply purchase a Multi session Group training pass, or sign up to a Direct Debit Group training option and you have full access to Bootcamp and all of the other group timetabled sessions.

Over the winter months our Bootcamp retreats indoors.  Our regular bootcampers love the variety, so we continue to offer Monday and Wednesday outdoors, with Friday being a Functional Strength session indoors.  All indoor and outdoor sessions are now available to everyone.

The meeting place for Bootcamp is the driveway/carpark of the Fairfield boathouse.  Bookings are essential for the outdoor sessions to ensure we bring enough equipment, and can notify you if there are any changes to the plan due to weather or the meeting location of the outdoor bootcamp session.

In the event of rain, all clients booked into the bootcamp session will be notified to relocate to the indoor facility at the See Change training centre.

Bootcamp Prices

Refer to Group Training Prices.


Why See Change Bootcamp is the perfect fit for me?

There are many reasons to train with us. Here are just a few of our favourites.

We train outdoors in the fresh air. Say goodbye to the stuffy and crowded big box gym.

Our Bootcamps are 45 minutes long so we can train you at a higher intensity to get you get fit fast! Our programs are designed to get you fitter and stronger without burning you out or leaving you injured.

Every session is different so you will always be challenged and never bored. Getting fit should be fun!

Improve your body composition so that you feel better and have more energy. If your goal is just to look and feel better, training with us will help get you there with guidance and accountability from your trainer and a great bunch of people.

Here’s what some of our awesome clients are saying:

“Really good…. Fun without being fanatical”

“I look forward to coming to bootcamp, and its an important part of my health routine. I’m a happy camper!”

“I have been enrolled in bootcamps in the past, but more recently filled my physical activity time with playing netball and walking the dog.
I struggled outside of netball to be self-motivated to get involved with more intense workouts, and I am not good at going to the gym solo.

Bootcamp gives me the opportunity to work hard in a social setting, improving my fitness while having fun!” – Erin, Northcote

“I was struggling with actually getting to the gym. I’d always tell myself that I’d go tomorrow, or the day after, or before dinner here or maybe with this person! But I never would. Joining bootcamp has helped me lock in my three nights of exercise a week and not have the guilts! 
I’d have to say I feel healthier and happier! My sleep and mood have improved too which is nice! 
I was very scared about quitting the gym to join bootcamp, I had a weird irrational fear that I would put on kilos and kilos of weight (even though I never used the gym), but I pushed past it and I’m glad I did because I feel SUPER NOW! (and I didn’t put on a million kgs! fancy that!)” – Krizia, Thornbury


“[I enjoy] The variation and new friends, great atmosphere.” – Mark, Preston

“Bootcamp is fantastic – I really like the trainers, the variety and just getting outdoors.”

“No two workouts seemed to be the same, which helped keep up the interest and kept challenging the muscles. It was also a good group of people, and the sessions were well organised to cater for different fitness levels” 

bootcamp smile

Exercise in the great outdoors.


I am not very fit, will I be able to keep up with everyone?
Yes! We program each session to cater to different fitness levels so you can work to your own capacity.

What happens if it’s wet?
In the event of rain before class starts, all clients booked in will be notified that the session is relocating to the See Change studio in Fairfield.  If rain starts whilst you are out there, just work harder so you don’t even notice!!

Do I need to bring anything?
You don’t need to bring any special equipment – just come in comfortable workout gear, wear proper exercise shoes and bring a full drink bottle!