Muddy Hell 2015

Your chance to enter an Obstacle Course with us.

Would you like to put your hard earned fitness to the test and work towards a challenge this winter? 

Crazy costume yet to be decided, but we are taking recruits for Muddy Hell Obstacle Course July 4th (Mornington Peninsula).  Declan and Maree are taking on the Muddy Hell Obstacle Race this July 4th and would love to get a team together. If you haven’t done one yet, now is your chance!

Runners will get the opportunity to face the most brutal and challenging winter obstacle course event Melbourne has seen so far. You will witness the unveiling of stage two of Peninsula Obstacle Racing Course, Melbourne’s very own world class obstacle racing training facility.

Join the See Change Team and enjoy a bit of fitness and a few laughs with friends – we really don’t take it too seriously!

Contact Jess for details on how to sign up!

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