Run Melbourne for MPAN

Community News: Join the Run Melbourne Fun run to support Missing Persons charity.

One of our new community members, Leigh Mathews is taking part in The Age Run Melbourne to support her dear friend Loren. Loren’s brother went missing in 2011 and she has been working to find him, and help other families in the same situation since.

We would love for you to get involved! Please take a moment to read about the great work Loren is doing, or if you’d like to take on the challenge sign up to the team! Trainers Jess and Maree will be taking part in the 5K.

Sunday July 26th.  5km / 10km / Half Marathon / 3km for kids

Details on how to sign up are at the end of this article.

“Run Melbourne is a poignant tradition for MPAN.

In 2011, brother and sister Dan and Loren O’Keeffe registered to run and raise money for Lifeline; a service helping him through his battle with depression and anxiety. Dan went missing two days before the event. His disappearance spurred a campaign imploring the Australian public to help the family to learn if Dan was okay. With unprecedented public support, consistent traditional media and a captivated social media audience, Dan Come Home became the biggest campaign of its kind in the world (

In 2012, family and friends marked the anniversary of Dan’s disappearance by running in Run Melbourne, and raised $10,000 for Lifeline.

The Dan Come Home campaign continued to grow, and a viral social media post led to a confirmed sighting in Queensland. Dan had lost a significant amount of weight, and was very unwell. The time is took for the information to reach the family proved too long, and Dan had moved on and still remains missing.

Families with missing loved ones began contacting Loren seeking advice, which prompted her to found Missing Persons Advocacy Network (MPAN) – a registered charity that provides practical support to the families of the 100 Australians reported missing every day.

In 2013, MPAN ran its inaugural fundraiser – Run Melbourne – and the $18,000 raised built the foundation project: Missing Persons Guide ( The world-first resource has been accessed by over 10,000 people from 117 countries to resounding appreciation from the broadest range of users.

Last year, an even bigger team of committed Australians joined in what is now truly an MPAN tradition, and helped this charity maintain its momentum as it continues to harness people power and embrace innovation in a space that had been long neglected and shrouded in taboo.

In 2015, we’re hoping to reach a target of $25,000 so that we can expand the 100 A DAY ( and Help Find Me ( campaigns, launch a webseries, update the Guide, and continue giving hope to thousands of Australians missing a loved one.

Be awesome, and support a charity that is consistently producing ground-breaking work on a shoestring.”

Signup page to join the MPAN Run Melbourne team is here:

More info on Run Melbourne here:

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