See Change is not just about personal training or boxing classes or bootcamps. It’s about joining a community of local men and women who want their exercise to be interesting and fun, who are trying to stay healthy and who enjoy the odd glass of wine.

Personal Training

Location: See Change Studio, 445 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield

Get one of our qualified trainers all to yourself. This is the fastest way to feel and see results.

You can train by yourself or bring a friend or two. Click here to see our list of prices.

Group Training

Location: See Change Studio, 445 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield

Our exciting group training classes are designed not just to compliment your other training but also make training fun. We have a wide range of classes to suit your interests.  Check out out most recent timetable.


Location: Fairfield Park, Fairfield

We understand that not everyone wants to train in the harsh lights of a gym. That’s why in 2010 we created Fairfield’s first bootcamp right in our local Fairfield Park. We are the longest operating bootcamp group in the area.  We know our stuff!  Click here to find out when the next bootcamp starts and how much it costs.

Strength Camp with Declan

Location: See Change Studio, 445 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield

If you are after the guidance of a Personal trainer in a small group situation, Strength Camp is for you. Declan’s Strength Camps are limited to 8 people. Each session, Declan creates a tailored workout program for you which aligns with your own specific goals. Declan focuses mainly on compound movements, programming progressive overload to get stronger whilst ensuring technique execution and safety is kept as a priority. Evening sessions run on Monday & Wednesday. Morning sessions run on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Contact Declan on 0416376484 for more information.