Spartan Race Team – Please Donate

In just under a week, a rather motley crew of 7 guys and 1 girl are going to represent See Change PT at the October 6 Spartan Race.

The Team

  • David Wright
  • David Armstrong
  • David Izzard
  • Kristian Lunardi
  • Cam Caesar
  • Zoe Larkin
  • Dan Robbins
  • Kyle Wood

What is it?

Over a 14km course we will be climbing ropes, hauling sandbags over 100’s of metres, stumbling through mud,  and we can only cross the finish line by being attacked by gladiators.

If we fail an obstacle (there will be 20 in all), our punishment is 30 burpees before we are allowed to continue. I daresay we will each have to do a couple of sets before the race is over.

For all of this, we ask that you find it in your hearts to throw a little money to charity for us.

Loving Lexi Gem

The charity we have chosen is very dear to us as it involves one of our own.

Dino Trentin is a long time bootcamper at See Change and has just recently started a charitable cause for his daughter, Lexi Gem. Lexi Gem was born with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.

At just 15 months old this effects her entire body which means that unlike other kids, it takes her a lot longer to build muscle and strength. These are important years that will effect her independence as she gets older.

There are some great therapies to help give Lexi Gem a better chance but they are very expensive. If you could support us by supporting Lexi Gem, Dino and Clare that would mean a lot to us.

You can make a tax deductible donation for us now at their website Loving Lexi Gem. You can also help out by liking their Facebook Page.

OR you can commit to a per burpee donation using the box below.

We will add up the total number of penalty burpees that our team completes over the race and you can donate an amount for each one we do. Kind of like a Run-a-thon.

As an estimate expect 300 to 400 burpees. I will follow up with an email post race.

Pledge or Donate

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