Spin Class Timetable

stompa timetable

General conditioning session. Covers a range of intensities and efforts. Gets you setup for the week and weekend. These classes have a breathing and mindfulness focus.
Casual one off $25.00
10 Pack $230
Call Andrew to book your bike seat today. Bookings Call: 0412 894 342

Is cycling a part of your fitness?

 These sessions combine elements of indoor cycling(aka spinning) coaching, mindfulness and exercise physiology to give training results specific to cycling. 

We use customised Wattbikes (saddle,handlebars, cranks and pedals) as our training bikes. Performance feedback can be  measured via power(watts) , heart rate ( Garmin or Polar strap), cadence, left/right balance and time. 

Generally a calm and measured session that aims to get you going at the right intensity but will also stretch you beyond what you may have thought possible at the right time… Riders are encouraged to replicate their bike setup as much as possible.

Who is it for?

  • All levels of fitness and ability.
  • Learn to understand your cycling fitness and capacity
  • Discover renewed motivation and energy
  • Improved power and efficiency at a given heart rate and perceived level of exertion.
  • Elevate your comfortable pedalling speed.
  • If you have dreams, aspirations and a heart for cycling then a more targeted approach may help you.
  • Riders often combine theses sessions with a coaching program designed to peak for specific events during the year.
  • Integrate your indoor sessions with our on road sessions and extend your abilities even further.
  • Individual sessions are available



Extra STOMPA Services Available

Stompa SPIN offers a number of other scientific testing and assessments to help with your current road cycling.  Bookings Call: 0412 894 342