So much fun! These guys enable you to exercise in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment! – Naomi, Fairfield

Jess makes exercise fun instead of it feeling like a chore. Classes and PT sessions with Jess are varied and challenging, which is what I need to stay motivated. Having pre-booked sessions with Jess keeps me accountable and on track to meet my fitness goals. 
I struggled with motivation and staying focused during sessions as my 2 year old is distracting, she loves talking and playing with Jess whilst I workout. Jess has helped me stay motivated and I’m proud of getting back into exercise and regaining strength. – Steph, Fairfield

Declan is great – really good fun for Kaye and I and he’s got us right in the ‘sweet spot’ in mixing sessions up and making sure we’re 99% knackered by 6.59am each Tues. Jeremy

“When I went to See Change, I was nervous and not particularly looking forward to it. My friend and I wanted to do personal training sessions together and I was worried that the training would be more tailored to her, as she was fit and I was flabby.

I shouldn’t have worried. Declan is an excellent trainer. He is able to accommodate my current injuries and weaknesses, and challenge me. He knows when to step in with an encouraging word or a few extra reps. Thursday is now my favourite day of the week because I look forward to training! I’m really glad we went to See Change, and stoked that I’m making steady improvements because of Declan. Thanks! ” –Flynt Reynolds

 “Matt stands alone when it comes to providing strategic fitness advice and training procedures detailed around the needs of the individual client. Previous to beginning with Matt I was disillusioned by the seemingly one size fits all fitness regime handed to me by previous trainers, which achieved very little in terms of fitness outcomes. Opposite to that is the individual approach that Matt brings to personalize a tailored fitness program to help build on my weaknesses and grow on my strengths. The results of this approach for me have been far greater than anything achieved prior to commencing with Matt and speaks volumes about his performance as a fitness coach. I trust that this information is of any help to someone seeking a professional fitness coach.” – James Mathias of Port Melbourne

“After 5 years of commuting by bike to and from work on a daily basis, a change in employment in early 2014, brought an abrupt end to my daily fitness regime. I went from riding 100km per week to nothing. The solution to filling this void was joining See Change before I wasted away into middle age slumber.

I have never really been much of a gym person. Previous membership at other gyms led to boredom and lack of motivation to continue. Boring weights sessions and huge lycra saturated aerobics classes are just not my thing. In stark contrast, See Change is a friendly boutique gym offering a range of personalised group training options.”Mike Lewis

“MAREE makes A HARD WORK OUT lots of FUN! We have had numerous personal trainers over the past 5 years and Maree has been the best on a number of levels.”Claire, Northcote.

“The monetary cost is no more than the cost of a meal, good wine or piece of clothing, and believe me, you’ll feel 100% better with all these things when your mind and body is thinking positively and looks good. An important aspect for me was a drug free answer to depression and Maree not only assists with helping to fill my head with “happy” endorphins through exercise but also with positive words of encouragement and a great laugh! Who knows, one day I may even have “guns of steel”! The main thing is that I BELIEVE anything is possible now: positive mind and healthy body; what more do you need?!”
Troy, Preston.

“I have been doing classes at See Change for over 10 years now, and after years of searching for the right exercise fit I finally feel like I have found it. The gym has changed over that time; trainers have come and gone, physical spaces have altered, sessions have come and gone and the client mix has also moved around a bit, but throughout, Maree’s original vision of a community hub for lifestyle change has remained.
She is all about making exercise fun, enjoyable and an everyday part of your life. There is a good range of exercise styles and options, a friendly, community-focussed ‘vibe’ and all the pricing options are reasonable and flexible. I have met lots of different people, made some great friends, lost weight, gained fitness and strength and feel like each session is a perfect mix of sweat and laughter. Thanks Maree and the Seechange team!”
Bec, Fairfield