See Change Bootcamp – Kyle takes charge again.

bootcamp-balls-and-conesSee Change proudly announces that Kyle Wood is at the helm of the morning bootcamps again.  Kyle is one of the best bootcamp instructors in the field.  Kyle was the founder of Bootcamp at See Change 7 years ago. During his time at See Change he started his own business to help other bootcamp instructors share workout and business ideas.


Kyle instructing Instructors

He has spent the past three years traveling the world researching, learning and teaching all things Bootcamp. He is now a mentor to bootcamp instructors worldwide with 8000 people following his movements on Facebook. He has another online bootcamp coaching business with members from over 500 cities.

We are lucky enough to have Kyle rejoin the See Change team to lead our morning Bootcamp.

With Kyle at the helm, you will see a planned and structured bootcamp. Each round will have a beginning, middle and end. Kyle is meticulous with his session planning to ensure you get variety, fun and challenging workouts. If you are able to sign up for 3 sessions a week, we definitely encourage you to give it a try to get the most out of your bootcamp.

As the weather improves, Kyle will be making full use of the Fairfield Park area. He knows Fairfield Park incredibly well, so if you are new to the area, this is the perfect way to have a look around. You will never look at the Amphitheater the same way after training with Kyle.

Smiling Assassin

Kyle – The Smiling Assassin

I hope you all enjoy what Kyle wants to bring to the See Change Bootcamp. Bootcamp is his passion. He is packed full of ideas and challenging workouts that he wants to unleash.

On a side note: A trainer that hires the studio on an hourly basis pulled me aside the other day to ask – “Is Kyle Wood taking bootcamp here now? …THE Kyle Wood?”. Kyle officially has a THE as his title!

Good luck Bootcampers and Welcome Kyle!

Bootcamp bookings can be made here:

Maree Porra
See Change PT
0417 768 721

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