The Stampede is on! Join us in November!

Have you ever wanted to go to a theme park just for adults? That’s what The Stampede is.

The only difference is instead of merri-go-rounds you slide across car bonnets, instead of roller coasters you fly down slip and slides and instead of fairy floss you eat mud.

How good does that sound!?

Haha ok so it doesn’t sound super glamorous but I can guarantee that you will have a LOT of fun!

Just in case you were wondering there are no Burpee punishments for not completing an obstacle – it is actually meant to be fun!

5km or 10km

The Stampede allows for two distances, a 5km course and a 10km (which is the 5km course plus an extra 5km).

Due to the nature of obstacle course races in which you run for a bit, then do an obstacle, then run a bit more, you only need to be able to run a kilometer or two without stopping to be able to comfortably complete the race. It is not like a 5km fun run in which you run non-stop for the full event.

When and Where

Saturday 29th November (plenty of time to practice obstacle smashing skills!)

The Stampede is in it’s usual location at Wandin Park – see details here.

Car pooling is usually the best way to get there since parking can get crazy!

Sign Up

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Loving Lexi-Gem

Each year when we take part in one of these ridiculously fun events we like to make it worth it by raising funds for a great course. The charity we have chosen is very dear to us as it involves one of our own.

Meet gorgeous Lexi-Gem and read her story HERE.

Dino Trentin is a long time bootcamper at See Change and has an ongoing charity for his daughter, Lexi Gem. Lexi was born with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.

Lexi’s condition effects her entire body which means that unlike other kids, it takes her a lot longer to build muscle and strength. These are important years that will effect her independence as she gets older.

There are some great therapies to help give Lexi Gem a better chance but they are very expensive. If you could support us by supporting Lexi Gem, Dino and Clare that would mean a lot to us.

You can make a tax deductible donation for us now at their website Loving Lexi Gem. You can also help out by liking their Facebook Page.

Pictures from last year as the Where’s Wally Pirates!

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