Unwind, Stretch and Restore

unwindRelax deeply in this lush 2-hour session, combining elements of Restorative yoga, Pranayama (breathwork), guided meditation and Yin Yoga. Restorative yoga is a much-needed practice in our busy lives. We’ll use props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets to support the body in various postures, which in turn provides a chance for the body to soften and the mind to quiet. Not only will you feel tension melt away, but you will also restore and rejuvenate your nervous system for an overall sense of calm, wellness and peace.

Yin Yoga is a slow, meditative practice that helps to balance out the yang of our modern lives. We focus on releasing deep connective tissue by holding postures for 3-5 minutes, utilising prop supports. This workshop will incorporate essential oils and candlelight to aid relaxation. A perfect workshop for winter, this session aims to decrease stress and anxiety, replenish energy stores and improve your physical and emotional health. You will float out of class!

Investment: $30. Workshop includes a take-home 5ml rollerball blend of calming essential oils
Bookings essential! Please message via Facebook event link below to book your spot.

Workshop limited to 10 participants. No experience required, suitable for all levels and abilities.

Optional: please bring an eye pillow if you have one, and perhaps an extra small blanket. Dress comfortably in warm layers.

Contact via Facebook Event

Payment options:
PayPal- meredith.buddington@gmail.com
Bank transfer – Meredith Buddington, BSB 063157
Account 1037 2542

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