When Hell freezes over!

flamingos  Now that the dust (mud) has settled, we can look back and remember the good times of the Muddy Hell obstacle race.  We have compared bruises and reflected on the highs and lows of what was one of the coldest days of our lives.

On Saturday 4th July, a team of 9 See Changers set out dressed as Flamingos.  We have found the brighter we dress, the easier it is to spot each other on these obstacle races.

muddyOn reflection there were certain obstacles that were a highlight – the Tower of Tyres was one!  Climbing inside a tower of 20 tyres, climbing over a cargo net and down a tower of tyres on the other side.  This was physically and mentally challenging.  Tom, who is not a fan of heights, managed to calmly convince Rose that climbing out of the tower was “not so bad”.  His words and encouragement and Rose’s belief in herself are the moments that keep me coming back to do these events.

There are certainly times where you have a “moment” in these courses.  Michelle’s “moment” came just after she had to back track and find her shoe that had been sucked off in the mud.  Again a friendly team mate, Sarah, shouted some kind words that inspired Michelle to put her shoe back on, throw the sand bag over her shoulder and continue running over slippery mud mountains.


Special mention in this Muddy Hell event goes to Emma who was the only one to have her tutu in tact at the end.

Also Rose who had the most amazing bruises on her knees.  The skull shaped bruise on her right knee is very tough!bruises

Obstacle courses are a great way to amaze yourself at your own abilities. I would thoroughly recommend giving one a try. The See Change team is a great group of people. We range in fitness levels with a variety of phobias that are faced, challenged and overcome on the day.

Our next course will be in November, make sure you let us know you are interested!  You know you want to!

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