Maree Porra

Maree and baby Max

Keeping active with baby Max

I chose the Fairfield area for my Personal Training business as I have lived and worked in the area for years, and I love the tight sense of community it offers. Being a small private training studio, we pride ourselves on providing the same welcoming and caring feeling that makes you feel comfortable.

What Do You Enjoy About Personal Training?

The thing I love most about being a Personal trainer is helping people see change in their lives. These changes vary from gaining fitness, losing weight, injury rehabilitation, lowering blood pressure, or simply giving someone some “guilt free me time”. The change I get most pleasure from seeing is to see people actually enjoying exercise.


I have competed in several triathlons, a half marathon and many fun runs. I have participated in fun runs with clients if they are nervous about running, or are trying a distance they haven’t tried before.

I also specialise in Pre/Post Natal exercise. I have trained myself and many clients safely throughout their pregnancies. Keeping the mother-to-be strong and healthy, not only helps during the pregnancy, but also makes the post baby return to exercise easier. For me, meeting the baby at the end is priceless!


  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training
  • Certificates in Group Cycling, Boxing and First Aid
  • Pre/Post Natal Training

Words Of Wisdom

  • Today is always a great day to start
  • The little changes make a big difference
  • Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes


“I have been doing classes at Seechange for over 5 years now, and after years of searching for the right exercise fit I finally feel like I have found it. The gym has changed over that time; trainers have come and gone, physical spaces have altered, sessions have come and gone and the client mix has also moved around a bit, but throughout, Maree’s original vision of a community hub for lifestyle change has remained.
She is all about making exercise fun, enjoyable and an everyday part of your life. There is a good range of exercise styles and options, a friendly, community-focussed ‘vibe’ and all the pricing options are reasonable and flexible. I have met lots of different people, made some great friends, lost weight, gained fitness and strength and feel like each session is a perfect mix of sweat and laughter. Thanks Maree and the Seechange team!” Bec


“Maree has helped me do things I never thought I could do – like skipping, boxing, running and balancing on a ball – which is always very entertaining for her.” – Shelley, Thornbury.

“Every week she has a new plan on how to get us “oldies” exercising more effectively. You are never disappointed after a Maree workout, you sure as hell know you have been exercising. Maree has plenty of variety and her “Boxercise” is legendary. Don’t be fooled by her pleasant manner and sunny disposition, she will give you the work out of your life!” – Tim, South Yarra.