Child friendly training

Child Friendly Training(1)At See Change we understand that it can be difficult to fit in your own exercise when you have a little one on your hands.  We have a play area with toys and bikes.  Children are not locked away in this area, so they are free to engage with you as you exercise.  The kids that come to See Change with their parents love it.

Usually children are very curious and want to be near you on your first few sessions.  This is fine and encouraged so they find coming to the gym a fun and comfortable experience as well.  The instructors will easily modify the exercises so you are able to hold your baby / child and still get a good workout.  Generally, after a while, they become more interested in playing with the toys or with the other children.

We also have a number of child friendly Yoga classes.  We have both yoga classes for parents where children are welcome in the room.  We also have yoga for children – Tiny Tots (4/5 years) and Little Tiny Tots (2/3 years).  See our Yoga page for class times.

See Change welcomes children to group training or personal training sessions during the day.  The really early morning and evening sessions tend to be busier and can be a bit tricky to keep an eye on the children during these times.  The children do remain the responsibility of the parent whilst they are in the studio.

If you have any questions about any of our classes, please feel free to send us an enquiry or simply book your class from our timetable page.  We look forward to meeting you and your little ones.

If you come to one of our weekend sessions, you may meet Hugo – who is the 5 year old child of one of our clients.  We’ve named him the “Sprint Coach”, as he often likes to try and out sprint the adults whenever he can.  We have fun with the kids around, and it’s great to see them doing their “exercise” as well.  It’s a really positive experience for everyone, and great for kids to see their parents being active and exercise being a normal part of life.