COVID-19 Update.

We, at See Change, feel it is necessary to send the following update out to all staff, clients/members and individuals who may visit See Change.

Safety and health is paramount, and we want to do everything we can to protect  and safeguard our community.

This policy update is for all See Change PT Staff, Clients, Members and Visitors.

Please note: Matters and behaviours related to the Coronavirus change to suit daily knowledge and happenings and include travel, border and entry restrictions being reviewed and amended at short notice.

Subsequent to the increasing number of cases of the Coronavirus in Victoria and Australia wide, we feel that it is necessary to take appropriate precautionary measures during these times so we can continue to protect and prioritise the health and safety of our personnel, visitors and community at large.

Please read below for our updated policy as it relates to  attendance on site at  See Change until further notice.

Updated COVID-19 Policy :  

–        All visitors (being staff, clients, members, or tenants) to the See Change PT facility, including the allied health practices, must adhere to the following restrictions before entry can be permitted.

–        Any person who has travelled internationally are not be permitted on site for a period of 14 days from the date of return.

–        All persons are required to demonstrate appropriate hygiene measures whilst on site, including wiping equipment with provided disinfectant, bringing a personal towel, washing hands thoroughly with soap, wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, and avoid any unnecessary contact with others.

Further measures being taken by See Change PT during these times:  

–        Any person who enters See Change PT is asked to wash their hands with soap on arrival.

–        An increase in frequency of facility cleaning, including particularly wiping and disinfecting of equipment, door handles, bathrooms, and other high traffic/contact areas.

–        Any person who is unwell, or lives, works or is in close contact with someone who is unwell, is requested to not enter to avoid the See Change facility.   –        Increasing the regularity of washing hand towels,

–        Imposing restrictions as to who is attending the site.

To keep each other safe please ensure you comply with the following:  

–        TravelI have not been overseas in the past 14 days,

–        HealthI do not have any flu like symptoms and confirm I have been free of such symptoms for at least the past 14 days

–       Hygiene –  I will exhibit the appropriate hygiene measures described above whilst on site at See Change PT,


Class changes and Training Options

Hygiene: You will now see in classes that you will be asked to wash your hands before we start any class.  We are also trying to limit the equipment used in sessions where possible.  Any equipment used is set aside to be disinfected before it is returned to the racks.  Hand sanitizer pumps will be installed in every room as soon as they arrive – they are on backorder.

Class changes: Some See Change classes will be modified slightly during this time – MetaPWR sessions will be run as MetaFIT being a bodyweight class rather than equipment.   Boxing glove inners will be worn at all boxing sessions. Check the app for the latest classes.

Class sizes: Please book your sessions in via the app as we will be limiting class sizes to ensure we can still keep appropriate “social distance” for our clients.

Outdoor sessions: We are still running our outdoor bootcamp and running sessions.  We will also look to add another outdoor running and bodyweight session – keep an eye out for this one.

Extra outdoor classes: Extra outdoor sessions have been added to ensure our class sizes stay under the limit and to cater for people working from home.  Keep an eye on our See Change PT app as any class changes are automatically uploaded onto the app.

PT Clients – If you are a PT client for a one on one or buddy session, you are also welcome to request an outdoor session if this makes you more comfortable. Please contact your trainer to organize this. We are happy to hear your requests / suggestions for the coming period.  Our aim is to keep you safe, fit and healthy.

We appreciate your cooperation and compliance.

Please feel free to contact us if required.


Stay safe and well,

Maree Porra and the See Change team 0417 768 721

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