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Our 9:30am weekday and weekend classes are very child friendly

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Specialty Classes

Strength Camp with Declan
If you are after the guidance of a Personal trainer in a small group situation, Strength Camp is for you. Declan’s Strength Camps are limited to 8 people. Each session, Declan creates a tailored workout program for you which aligns with your own specific goals. Declan focuses mainly on compound movements, programming progressive overload to get stronger whilst ensuring technique execution and safety is kept as a priority. Evening sessions run on Monday & Wednesday. Morning sessions run on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Contact Declan on 0416376484 for more information.

STOMPA Spin: Great for cycle enthusiasts, personalised, endurance

These sessions combine elements of indoor cycling(aka spinning) coaching, mindfulness and exercise physiology to give training results specific to cycling.
We use customised Wattbikes (saddle,handlebars, cranks and pedals) as our training bikes. Performance feedback can be measured via power(watts) , heart rate ( Garmin or Polar strap), cadence, left/right balance and time. SEE MORE

Nordic Walking: Nordic walking is fitness walking with specially designed poles and a learned technique to create an effective total body workout. Enjoy Nordic Walking with others, and benefit from the technical guidance and motivation of a qualified instructor. Come along and experience Nordic Walking for yourself !

Start with either a one on one or group beginners technique session. The basics may take one or a number of sessions to feel confident. Join a See Change Nordic Walking group. Bring your own poles, or hire poles from us.

Please contact us to register your interest or inquire about Nordic Walking beginners technique session.

Click here for more information and testimonials about Nordic walking with See Change.

Click here. for general information from the Nordic Walking Academy.


There are no contracts or joining fees to come to our classes. Check out our reasonable prices.