New to See Change and not sure where to start?

See Change is a boutique exercise studio that provides a supportive environment to all members and clients.

See Change is a large active workspace catering for personal training clients, group fitness clients and gym members.

See Change doors are also open to personal trainers who want a functional studio to train their own clients or run their own classes.

Contact us and we’ll set up a meet and greet with one of our friendly trainers for a tour and a chat.

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See what our awesome clients are sayingTestimonials

“When I went to See Change, I was nervous and not particularly looking forward to it. My friend and I wanted to do personal training sessions together and I was worried that the training would be more tailored to her, as she was fit and I was flabby.
I shouldn’t have worried. Declan is an excellent trainer. He is able to accommodate my current injuries and weaknesses, and challenge me. He knows when to step in with an encouraging word or a few extra reps. He’s kept us keen by changing up the exercises we do and had us both working out together, despite our different fitness levels. Thursday is now my favourite day of the week because I look forward to training! I’m really glad we went to See Change, and stoked that I’m making steady improvements because of Declan. Thanks!” – Flynt